Waterfront Partnership Announces Alley Makeover Project

Waterfront Partnership Announces Alley Makeover Project

Six neighborhoods to receive community-driven alley makeovers funded by the Rauch Foundation

Baltimore, MD – The Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore announces the 2015 Alley Makeover Project, funded by a $30,000 grant from the Rauch Foundation. As a part of the Healthy Harbor initiative, the partnership between neighborhoods, Baltimore City and local organizations will transform some of Baltimore’s most neglected and mistreated alleys.

Nearly 20 alleys, located in six target neighborhoods (Waverly, Baltimore Highlands, Patterson Park, Reservoir Hill, Greenmount West and McElderry Park), will be revitalized through block meetings, cleanups, distribution of educational literature as well as free recycling bins and trashcans, community-driven artwork and strengthened relationships with city agencies including the Department of Public Works and Code Enforcement. These alleys will become spaces that are valued by residents, raising expectations and increasing neighborhood pride. Additionally, the project will benefit Waterfront Partnership’s ultimate goal of having less trash in neighborhoods, streams and the Harbor.

“The creative aspect of the Alley Makeover Project is what is so exciting. The idea of visually changing the space, even if it starts with new bright red trashcans and shiny yellow recycling bins, will act as a marker that someone cares about this block,” said Leanna Wetmore, Waterfront Partnership’s community organizer. “These alleys became acceptable places for illegal dumping and litter because they look so dismal. The Alley Makeover Project will engage residents in something fun while we provide the right education and resources to help neighborhoods help themselves.”

The Alley Makeover process will engage residents at the block level with several days of fun and festivities along with a detailed cleanings. Local artists, teenagers and, in some neighborhoods, Spanish speaking interpreters will help create a lasting visual improvement in the space. Ideas for alley artwork will come from each neighborhood but may include signage, wheat-pasted posters, woven fabric through chain link fences, glass mosaic tiling, mini-murals or large banners with site specific messaging.

“The Rauch Foundation is pleased to support work to improve alleys in neighborhoods, in order to reduce the amount of trash in these communities and the amount of trash flowing into the harbor,” said Cathy Brill, Maryland Program Officer of the Rauch Foundation. “It’s great to see neighbors come together to make positive changes to their communities and the environment.”

The project kicks off on Saturday, April 11 in the Waverly community with additional events to follow:

Saturday, April 11, 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Waverly, Chestnut Hill Park, located off of Old York Road on Chestnut Hill Avenue

Activities: Trash cradle building, community-wide cleanup, pizza party in the park, in partnership with Waverly Improvement Association

Saturday, April 18th, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Baltimore Highlands, between the 3400-3500 block of Baltimore and Noble streets

Activities: Artists installing a new street mural, banners being hung, Highlandtown Elementry School #237 Partnership recycled bottle collection, guest appearance from the National Guard, in partnership with Baltimore Highlands Neighborhoods Association

Saturday, April 25, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Reservoir Hill, 2500 Brookfield Avenue

Activities: Cleaning out large vacant lot, installation of wall art in illegal dumping hotspot, in partnership with Reservoir Hill Improvement Council

Saturday, May 9, time TBD

McElderry Park

Activities: TBD, in partnership with McElderry Park Community Association

Saturday, May 16, time TBD

Greenmount West

Activities: Installation of street art and wheat pastes around community garden, in partnership with Greenmount West Neighborhood Association and Hidden Harvest Farm

Saturday, May 30, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Patterson Park, 100 Port Street

Activities: Installation of alley art, trashcan graffiti, in partnership with Patterson Park Neighborhood Association

The Healthy Harbor initiative provides a roadmap for cleaning up Baltimore’s Harbor and the waterways leading to the Harbor. A clean Harbor and clean streams will provide opportunities for residents and area families to enjoy clean water in their neighborhoods. Greener and cleaner neighborhoods will make Baltimore City and Baltimore County more livable for all our citizens. For more information, visit www.healthyharbor.org.

Waterfront Partnership is the proud steward of Baltimore’s crown jewel, its Inner Harbor and Waterfront. We’re lean, nimble and effective; the only organization that wakes up every day, rolls its sleeves up and gets to work on new ways we can make Baltimore’s Waterfront even more active, attractive and appealing. We’re the hosts who greet visitors, the creators of programs and promotions and managers of our beautiful parks. We encourage investment in Baltimore’s most celebrated asset so it can continue to grow, to serves as a place of pride and the place where Baltimoreans come together to recreate and to celebrate. For more information, visit www.waterfrontpartnership.org.